Friday, October 3, 2008

*it's getting closer and closer. damn!

finally a holiday to rest my mind from school (thinking about all the ups and downs really is tiring) and definately a time for studying.
on tuesday, wednesday, thursday...
i went to my grandma house for 2 nights, finally get to overnight there, been long since i slept there. called ee von, but she was busy this few days which i should be too, lots of studying to do. so we didn't have time for a chat, so i think the next holiday to catch up on our lifes. i studied a chapter of chemistry and watch television all the way. i watch so much show, from icarly, totally spies, unfabulous, tom & jerry to csi, the amazing race asia. boring but the fun part of this few days was having chats with my grandmother and grandfather which i really enjoy.
on friday...
i went to sunway for a haircut (you guys are going to be shocked when you see me), bought new shoes, went lunch at a fancy sushi restoran which my mum said that she don't mind coming here to eat again (my mum is not a sushi person). quite a fun day, i also learn driving today. believe it anot? i actually did. LOL...

i jumped into a pond.

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