Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ALL MY FRIENDS who are retaking the final exam,
you guys must be STRONG! don't give up yet!
we are all in this together!

read ken's blog just now,
he misses J3G#2007, finally somebody also misses the great times.
i also miss it so much!
after everyone of you guys finish the exam (and pass),
we must go celebrate! we must have fun!
i don't want to waste all these precious time doing nothing.
i want to spend it with all of my friends, my J3G bros...

i am going to spend this 2 weeks with all my friends, living it to the fullest.
i hate seperations! why must there be seperations in life?
why must friends come and go?
what can we do to aviod it? maybe nothing...
i will still stay connected, i promise.

Friends complete my life!

i miss you guys.

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