Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Life been passin'...
Tomorrow is going to be the last day of my exam, finally~ Hope for the best right? Seems like exam been very blur, i never felt exam like this before... Was it because of not enough studying? Maybe it's because of it, but even though I tried hard on studying a subject, ex: Physic (Chinese)... But i hardly know how to answer the question, it really destroy me when that happens. Really, after my Physic (Chinese) exam, I really felt like crying. I don't want to waste 1 year of my life re-studying form 4, it just can't.
I'm scared, really scared. Hopefully my results really won't sucks that bad. Add Maths (Chinese & English) both dead. When I look at my results, I don't know what to think, should I be sad? I expected it, but I really tried so hard on improving this subject! I really wasted lots of time to study it, but yet again FAIL... I really wanted to express my feeling out, anyway, but I expected the results right? After looking at my results, it destroys me. Thinking about it, kills me. Talking about it, really make me want to cry. But I'm strong, I hope. I really want to give all this thing up.
Life really been passin'...
I gave lots of love advice before, I also saw lots of guys cry for a girl before. It kind of makes me think, will I? The only weekness for guys is the girl he loves right? Sometimes looking at a guy fighting with a girl really makes me pity them. Is teenagers not meant to have relationships? Luckily for me, everythings still fine.
Life will pass even though we stop...
Today I went to Newway with 4 friends, to tell the truth, this is my first time going with them. I feel like the front class student have life very different from the back class students. I was from the back class, but now being in S1S2, I am in the front class. Other than, studies are more competitive but lots of things are different. The way we think, the way we have fun, it's different. I'm not sure do I fit in or not? but I really miss J3G#2007. I really miss them, sometimes I think maybe I should have gone to S1C4, but then again, S1S2 really ain't that bad. I hate the most about friends is one day when we wake up, they will just be slowly erase from your life. I have things to be busy of, you have things to be busy of but I really hope we stay in contact. All my friends. I dint' forget about you all.
Life won't wait for anyone...
So I know that the girls in the front class don't care so much about how they look compare to the back class girls. I know that the boys in front class don't date that much. I'm like standing in between of everything. Don't know why did I think about this, but I really hope that friends should stay in touch no matter what.
Life is a mystery...
I want to find out what happen with everybodys life, don't want to be left out in their life. Maybe it's true that having girl friend with let you have a distance with your friend, that why we have time management. 建彬came to my house to overnight yesterday, we chat about lots of things. Things about love, friends and life. You know what I remember most in life? The time that I spend chatting with a friend, a true friend. Chatting with someone were time doesn't matter to us. Those are the things that I remembered the most.
Life is a journey...
I remembered chatting with Kelly on the school bus when I'm only standard 5, every morning.
I remembered how I use to stay back at school then chatting with 恩如,彦菡and some friends chatting.
The time where in Morib during form 1 class vacation, everything seems so new then.
Chatting with Ee Von and Ee Leng also really fills my memories.
The vacation to Lang Tengah#2006, met Chun Hoe, Billie. We and Kelly chat under the stars for 3 hours, I miss that. Life seems to don't matter at that time.
My form 3 vacation when everybody got out of their mind. The beachside chatting seems like yesterday.
I really love chatting about life, I love it so much.
Life isn't perfect, we got to make it.
Sometimes life doesn't give back what we work so hard for, but their are still great times.

life goes on.

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