Sunday, October 26, 2008

i enjoyed 25th October very much!
it's was a day where i feel lucky to have you right there.
i enjoyed the present, i love everything about it.
that day made me forget about the problems in my life,
it make me apprieciate what i have right then.
it's 1 year already, it past so fast.
p/s: i'm not sure if anyone can top that present.

results are out! the good news i past!
the bad news : lots of my friends have o retake the final exam.
good luck to you guys ot there! let's meet next year in senior 2!
all of my senior 1 school mate!

Good luck to:
~Senior 1 who need to retake the final exam.
~Form 5 for SPM (16 more days!) especially Kelly! haha...
~Junior 3 & Senior 3 for 统考!

i jumped into a pond.

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