Wednesday, October 22, 2008

i am happy, right?
by my caculation, i get to pass & study senior 2 next year.
i don't need to retake my final exam.
i should be happy.
moreover saturday is the day.
the day that i should be happy about.
everything should be prefect + happy, but...
i got into a fight with my parents (that's normal)
damn, cause i'm late to school then i can't play com for 3 days
(which i wasn't surpose to update my blog)
mum is like always in bad mood,
always scolding us. damn!
well, that's a small part of everything.
i ain't that happy for 1 reason, you know what?
all my friends from J3G, damn!
lots of them need to retake the final exam..补考...
& some of them can't even apply for retaking the exam (51-- marks),
that means they need to study senior 1 again.
it's really really sad to lsten to them to say that they can't study senior 2 next year.
most of them will change school,
some might study senior 1 another time,
one of them said that he will not study if he can't go senior 1,
he say he will go to work.
i don't want this to be happening.
i don't want to be in school next year and half my friends are not there.
i really hope everything turn out well,
i hope most of them really continue to study in senior 2.
haiz... this is depressing.
some on the holidays got to come back to school for english classes.
it's all not really good.
keep my fingers cross, really hope for the best, for me & all of them.
i really really miss the days together in J3G!
i need to spend everyday with you guys to the fullest.
this year is coming to an end, don't waste the times we still have together.
i miss you guys!

spliting is that easy? he asked.

i can't wait.

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