Friday, September 26, 2008

Fe2+ Green 青
Fe3+ Reddish brown 红棕
KMnO4 Purple 紫
MnO2 (s) Black 黑
Mn2+ (aq) Light pink 浅粉红
CuO Black 黑
CuSo4 (s) White 白
CuSo4 (aq) Blue 蓝
CuSo4.5H2O Blue 蓝

Cu2O Red 红
Cu+ Red 红

Al3+ (aq) Colorless 无色
Al(OH)3 (s) White 白
N2 Colorless 无色
NO2 (g) Reddish brown 红棕
N2O (g) Colorless 无色
NO Colorless 无色
KNO2 (s) Light yellow 淡黄
PbO (s) Brown 棕
PbO (s) Yellow 黄
AgI (s) Yellow 黄
AgCl (s) White 白
I2 (s) Purple 紫
I2 --> H2O --> Brown 棕
I2 --> CCl4 --> Purple 紫
Br2 (l) Brown 棕
Br2 --> H2O --> Brown 棕
Br2 --> CCl4 --> Brown 棕
Cl2 (g) Yellowish green 黄绿
K2Cr2O7 Orange 橙
Cr3+ Green 青
Mg(NO3)2 White 白
Al(NO3)3 White 白
Zn(NO3)2 White 白
Fe(NO3)2 Green 青
Fe(NO3)3 Reddish Brown 红棕
Pb(NO3)2 White 白
Cu(NO3)2 Blue 蓝
CaO White 白
MgO White 白
ZnO Yellow 黄
ZnO White 白
Fe2O3 Reddish Brown 红棕
KnO3 White 白

*chemistry is killing me...
p/s: anyone want this thing can ask from me, i got it in word document and can print t for you. leave msg in my tagboard to let me know.

i jumped into a pond.

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