Monday, September 1, 2008

51 years we said MERDEKA! The best about mereka is have to be the fireworks, it is very lovely. Lots of teenagers gather around to countdown till 31st of August. Better yet, we get a holiday on independence day, LOL, even better is that we get 1st of September of if independence day is on a Sunday! ^^
This year was different than any other years, i usually spent the independence day at home playing computer, but for this year i was in my grandmother house in teluk intan, perak. The same things about that day was sleeping till 12pm . On that day, after waking up and had lunch, i watch this movie called Last Holiday starring Queen Latifah. Great Show! can't find the trailer, but if i do, i will post it...^^ The movie is very good. it's about this lady who suddenly found out that she is going to die in 3 weeks, so she started doing things that she never did before, she went for a holiday, eat all the finest food, spend her life to the fullest. this show is entertaining, show us to live life to its fullest. Well, at last she...i'm not going to tell you, but you will know if you watch the movie. Thumbs up for this movie. LOL...back to merdeka, it was quite a normal day, just like every single holiday...^^

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