Sunday, September 7, 2008

we sit together, laughed together, shared our secrets about our first love, first experience. we have fun together whenever or whereever. time will pass, our lifes eventually will go on but we had our fun, we had our memories together. time passes very fast, a blink of a eye, we have grown. we meet new friends on the way, we make histories in our lifes.

remember the time we laugh together? rememeber the time we chat in the canteen, bus? rememeber how we use to laugh together? how we cried together? XD

graduation from primary vacation,sandra,yan,meibao,yijun

play all the childish games that we say it's fun? we had fun, no matter what people think about us. we weren't the most popular, but in my heart we were.


time is cruel, it will pass by even if you didn't want it. don't you felt that happy times always pass faster than sad times. when we laugh, time flys by. when we cry, it seems to only be walking. being with you all really let me spend my life to the best.


we give advice to each other, we have different opinion, we don't have the same hobbies, but the same is that we have each other. we quarrel before, we fight before, but it still come down to laughing together, having the best times together.

we have to go our own way sooner or later, different school, different class, different country. but we share the same sky, we will have each other in our hearts no matter what.

no matter how far we are, our hearts will connect us together. eventhough we seldom speak to each other, but let not forget. call, sms, msn. we will connect.

j3g #2007

mssm 2008
we worked hard together, stay up all night. we dance, we sing, we sleep, we have a hell lot of fun.


quanguoduzhong tsunjin volleyball team 2008
time don't go back. what ever happy times we had together will be called memories. memories might not be in a photograph, but it will always images in our hearts. we look back and remember the fun and start making new ones by looking ahead. make new memories and friends to let us look back in the future.

me n jianbing
all good things do come to an end. no matter how much i want it to not, but it's not gonna be. so making more good things it the only way.

i'm gonna remember the days that we spend the together, the laughters we had together and so much more. i miss and love you guys. ^^


dedicating to : all my friends


including:chen moh (1h,2k,3k,4k,5c,6c) #1999~2004, tsun jin (j1h,j2h,j3g,s1s2) #2005~2008 and others pluss friends to come

i love my life.

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