Friday, September 5, 2008

Big right? Is specially for somebody who is having their birthday in Wong Kok Restoran, LOL... Well, the birthday girl is...*drum rolls* Sook San^^ She's having her 16th birthday there with a whole bunch of friends including me. Firstly there's is this part that we gave her a very big surprise, mainly is her boyfriend who gave her the surprise... It was a raining day. We were practically wet on our way to Pavilion to celebrate, but luckily the cake wasn't wet. BTW, the cake was bake by her boyfriend, so touch. *sniff* Sook San didn't know her boyfriend was going to that restoran, so it was kind of like a surprise for her when her BF show up all wet, she ALMOST cry. ALMOST only. Haiz... But it was very fun, we had fun. Loong Ann, Zuo Ming, Ha Na, Pik Kei, Sook Ting, Jun Ann, Xiao Yin, Qiao Er & her BF, Han Yuan, Syh Won, Me, Yi Tian & Sook San. We chat, have fun. LOL. Ya, there was this present that was bought by Pik Kei & some other friends, inside was a c*ndom...LOL... It was just a joke, but everybody was exploring that c*ndom...Haha...

Love My Dog -- Sophie
Isn't she cute?
Max's pic to be update...
Well, finally found these photo: (Volleyball)
His name is Lai Zhen Xian. LOL... He's from volleyball, 18 years old. Well, he was taking my camera and taking photos of himself. LOL. We chat and he said put all this pic online and look which girl want to know him, well, so now anyone interested in knowing him? Get his HP num or MSN from me, FREE! LOL... He has 6pacs~
What do you think?
i love you.

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