Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i am growing up.
from a boy to a man.
from schooling to working.
from dating to marrying.
dunno can i keep up with all this,
is there anyway to slow this down?
i want to grow up yet i want it to be slower.
i want to know the future yet i wish not to.
i want to fantasize about 10 years later yet i'm scared.
i want it to be as great as the past.
i want to focus now yet i think about the future.

~we had our times in the past, but dunno what will it be like in the future. we wish, i wish it could last forever but we know somehow or another we will move on. moving on might be the hardest yet we must face it. it will be hard, very hard and maybe tears might come down, but i will always think about you, no matter what. let's just say i'm still keeping my hopes up that it will come true in the future--whatever i'm thinking now.

thoughts of the day: mostly everybody has become more & more beautiful & handsome...

i chat with a friend.

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