Sunday, December 7, 2008

6C #2004 gathering (6 Dec)
location : Sunway Pyramid
friends (who were there) : Me, Yan, Mirmo, Jia Hao, Yong Hao, Wei Loon, Kang Wei, Ying Yen, Mei Qi, Mei Ting, Li Zhen, Johnson & You Ming.

i start to organise this whole gathering on about 10 days ago. everything seem fast, the gathering, as i can say, it's a SUCCESS. even though only 13 people came, most of the others was busy, but it turn out very well.

We went to RedBox first. Next to Gasoline and last to Kim Gary. We spend most the time ordering drinks and talk. We tak everything there is to talk. It was really fun. =D In Gasoline, something caught me by surprise. All my friens ask who was born in December and I'm the only one. (16 Dec) XD They went to buy a cake and surprise me with it. My first surprise birthday cake. i'm so touch. :)

Happy 16th Ian...生日快乐

Kang Wei, Me, Jia Hao

the boys.

sorry, photo limited due to ugly photo plus the girls photo i don't have the permission to post it here. but if interested or my std 6 friends, take from me, remember! this is the memories of our gathering in 2008. after my trip, i will orgnise another gathering. i organise, cool? XD hope the next one, more people can show up.
i will be out of contact from 7 Dec till 8 Jan. anything leave your message on my blog or e-mail me. :) i will still update my blog. ^^ check in anytime.

9 more hours. OMG! so fast.

Time don't wait for anyone. The only thing we can do is to live it to the fullest.

i enjoyed.

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