Friday, December 5, 2008

a trophy finally. =D long since i get one.

so I would like to thank my parents for giving birth to me, for letting me to learn bowling. I would also thank my coaches who taught me how to play bowling the right way, thank you Coaches. Beside that, my family members including my cousin, aunt, grandfather and grandmother. Thank you for supporting me all the way. *sobs* Thank you Sungai Long Golf and Country Club for having this event. Finally thank you to all my supporters. *sobs* I couldn't have done it without you guys.

Thank you all!!!

*laughs* so let me cut the crap.
you guys might be thinking, it's easy to get it, but look at my trophy?
want me to read it out loud? i don't mind though. really, i'm cool wth it.

Sungai Long Golf & Country Club
Bowling Championship
Men's Open

i know i got runner-up which sucks for me too. but give me some credit. it's men's open, meaning i am challenging some so many uncle's. their life experence is so much more, so runner-up is still good. even though i lost to that uncle which foul mostly every frame, but he's is a uncle. =D so congratulate me. XD

my prize...

prize also includes a collar shirt. cool huh? but the entry fee is RM20. *sobs*

on the bridge side, other than winning. met a new friend, Jeff. he was my competitor, but sees like supporting me all the way. thanks man. hope to meet again.

Congratulate to Ivan, my cousin who was playing under 15. He got first, which was no big deal. OMG! He played 450 for 3 games which the other kids played 100+ for 3 games. bully! *laughs* Damn Ivan, if you didn't won first, you really can stop bowling. XD
and to my aunt Wan, Ivan's mum who got firstin the women's open. *shhh* theres only 3 comptitiors but she still won the runner-up by 100 points. maybe if my mum played, wonder who get first then. (i'm just saying)
again congratulate me! 3 cheers for us. *yay*

new skin to come.
3 more days. XD

Love your life.

i can't wait.

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