Thursday, December 11, 2008

Paris, here we come! OMG! Finally, my dream is coming true. OMG! =D So today we will be leaving Ireland for 1 week and stay in Paris, France. We will be at Paris from 10/12~17/12, OMG! My birthday at Paris! Wake up in Paris! XD I'm so damn enjoying my life. I'll type shorter and you all can enjoy the photo.


gettin' ready

have you seen this? XD

everywhere has this. condom machine. XD


OMG! walking up to the flight.

my first time. XD

smile. :)

sky above Paris.


welcome to PARIS! =D

sitting train to our apartment.

wow! people here do walk fast!

it's 6pm. so dark.

we're lost.

ask for direction.

entering apartment.

view from apartment. just streets. XD

dinner here. pasta in a cup. XD

christmas tree, real! 

public toilet. XD

OMG! this is like a dream come true! dream not complete yet, i still need to look at eiffel tower with my own eyes and take photo with it! OMG! it's coming true, i know it! XD tomorrow i'll be going to Euro Disneyland, Paris. XD I'm so enjoying it here. see my updates. :)

please don't hate me. XD merci(french)

Just follow what life leads you to, maybe it won't be that bad.

i enjoyed.

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