Sunday, December 7, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to DAD! (6 December)

this year really past very fast. dad's another year older, my birthdays is coming and 1 more day. OMG! 1 more day. *laughs*

we celebrated dad's birthday twice this year, one was with the family while the other was with our TELUK INTAN gang. =D Today is my last dinner with the TELUK INTAN gang this year, seems so fast a year has past already. (we have dinner every week with them.)
so coming back to my dad celebration with the family. we had dinner on 3 december in Jack's Place for dinner. Forgotten to take photo of foods. :) We had steaks, great food!
half dozen escargots.
the cake that we ordered. :)
with the TELUK INTAN gang...

make a wish.

look like posing.

presents from me, mum & sis.

special thanks to Lau Bee Cheng for making Dad's birthday cake, cheese cake. taste not bad, keep improving. XD

1 more day.

Is it because of habit that let us stuck in an environment, sometimes changing it might have a better tomorrow? wish i know.
i can't wait.

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