Saturday, December 6, 2008

OMG! 2 more days! OMG!
I can't wait, 2 more days till the-vacation-of-my-life! I ca't stop saying it too. :P
OMG! 2 more days! here i go again. :D

Where to huh?
3 countries. Ireland->France->England
but i still fly back to Ireland after to France, because my aunt live in Ireland.
How long?
1 month! from 7 Dec till 8 Jan...
Cool huh? Envy me... XD
2 more days!
I will reach on Monday in Ireland, don't call me this whole month. expensive for phone calls and sms. *sobs*

the not-so-great-part, WEATHER!
(winter for all 3 countries, just so you dunno)
Ireland :
Current: Fog
Wind: W at 9 km/h
Humidity: 59%
OMG! Monday there is rain there, 1~6 celcius degree. OMG! (i search for Ireland-weather in Google) Hope the part that i'm staying won't be so cold. *fingers cross*
As for France is Colder, England is about the same.
2 days. =D

new shirt. :D

Life can be beautiful, and yet it can be horrible. It's how you look at it.
i enjoyed.

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