Friday, November 7, 2008

damn! can they help me out? need help here!

everything that happens this year seems so fast. it feels like yesterday but yet it also feels so far away.
what did i do this year?
New Class
Malaysia Chinese Private School Volleyball Competition
Lot's of New Friends
but this doesn't seem right, i did so many things and yet i'm not that satisfied. maybe i'm going through an up and down motion right now. i don't want the school year to end so fast. 1 more day till holiday. i should be happy to finally rest, but tomorrow might be the time to look at some of my friends because i'm not sure when will i see them again. i really hope that everything turns out fine.
everything seems like happened very long ago, maybe it's because of al the emotions i'm going through. i really hope for us to still be best friends no matter what. i still want to meet all of you next year no matter what. i don't want time to pass so fast. this year really past so fast, i felt that everything is so far away.
i really got to stop going to bed so late.

keep my fingers cross and hope for the best.

i miss you guys.

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