Wednesday, November 5, 2008

i went through a bunch of DVD and guess which show i watched?

This movie that talks about dreams. It's about having a dream! It's about walking towards your dream! Everything starts out with a dream, with those dream only you can succeed.
It's about 3 girls who dream of being a famous singer one day. With that dream, they had a chance. With that chance, they start living their dream. The 3 girls -- Effie (Jennifer Hudson), Deena (Beyonce Knowles) and Lorrell (Anika Noni Rose) was discovered by a manager named Curtis Taylor, Jr. (Jamie Foxx) who offer them to become the back-up singers for headliner James "Thunder" Early (Eddie Murphy). Curtis slowly took control over the 3 girls looks and sound, eventually they got their own shot in the spotlight as The Dreams. It was like their dreams except when the spotlight begins to narrow to Deena. The Dreams soon realize that the cost of fame and fortune may be higher than they ever imagine.

Introducing...*drum rolls*

All you have to do is dream.

I think this movie is great! I just don't like the keep singing part. XD Anyway it's very meaningful and I think you guys should see it. Haha.

everythings start out with a dream. i wish...

i miss you guys.

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