Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sunday (9/11/2008),
a day to remember.
Chen Moh Canteen Day/

It turn out much better then I expected. I call a few of my Std 6 friend to go to this canteen day so we can meet and maybe have a little chat about how our life's been. Only 3 person reply me. I went there quite early cause my sis had to do sell things that day. I met a friend at first, then it's seems to me that a lot of people showed up that day. I might ot have a great chat with them, but I saw them. It's very happy to know that we still have this chance on meeting each other. I also met my Std 4 & Std 6 teacher. (Std 5 & 6 is the same teacher) They still remember me. ^^ The one that is very quiet in class. ^^ To tell you the truth, at first, that day before, I didn't feel like going there cause maybe I won't meet anybody, but at last, it turn out to be one of the memorable day in my life. The fish on the left, I bought it from my Std 6 teacher, let's just say it's a suvenior, to never forget that day. 美宝 (one of my friend) bought the exact same one too. After the canteen day, we went to McDonald for a long chat. Me, 书礼, 美宝,嘉豪 and two other person that I'm not close to. Basically it was just the 4 of us talking about our primary life. I wished that moment last forever. 6C class. Planning on a gathering, 6 december. =)

Photo: year2004, eventstd6graduateholiday(4days3nights),venuesingapore <-- one of the best holiday.


life passes fast, enjoy every moment we have. the moment may not last, but in memories they will.

i enjoyed.

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