Friday, November 14, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear sis, Lauren
13/11/2008, my sis 11th birthday. She grown another age. =) Think when I was 11. It's seems so far away, I remember being with the most memorable class in primary. :D I know my sis enjoyed her birthday, we had dinner in Lobster Man. The food was great, we had 3 large lobsters cook in 3 different style, Hong Kong, Italian and Japanese style. Mmm~ Delicious. Hope she really enjoyed this year, cause nest year UPSR. and SPM for me. T.T

The lobster (before cooked)



lobster shashimi.

her presents...

helping her with her necklace.

make a wish.

Life is unpredictable, what you didn't expect for, it might just happen.

i receive a call, it's happy to know that i'm not forgotten.

i enjoyed.

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