Thursday, November 27, 2008

OMG! tell you what i've been doing this few days, i went to youtube and watch Kingdom Hearts chains of memories and Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix. It's so interesting. I played Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2, but after watching this, I seem to understand more.

Kingdom Hearts 1

first Kingdom Hearts 1, which was easy, just fighting heartless will do. bring back the light. don't let the light gone. Sora, one 14 year old boy searching for two friends with the help of donald and goofy, 3 of them looking for kairi, riku & king mickey. simple and fun to play.

Kingdom Hearts chains of memories.

well, as you can see, chains of memories is about what happen between Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2, it's the between of it. watching this on youtube really answer some of my question. =D why sora wanted to thank namine (he don't even remember her). OMG! feel so good to know it. :P now namine and the organisation appear but we know nothing about it. getting excited. :D

Kingdom Hearts 2

too bad my Kingdom Hearts 2 game spoiled, if not i will be playing it again. =D Kingdom Hearts 2, let's see. it's explain about organisation XIII. suddenly, we found out that a strong heart that become a heartless will create a nobody. who came out with this plot? it's so good. =D later we found out Kairi nobody is Namine and Sora nobody is Roxas. (Kairi voice by Hayden Panettiere and Roxas by Jesse McCartney, cool huh?) (Sora name is Roxas with an "X", the "X" meant never exist, get it? i just found out) finally after the battle, bad guy all died (maybe), friends reunite. happily ever after? not yet, there's a secret ending which might be in Kingdom Hearts 3, alot of rusted Keyblades. OMG! what's gonna happen?

Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix

Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix, it shows some main reasons of the organisation XIII, it's what you don't understand in Kingdom Hearts 2. really love it if i have all these games to play. =D can't wait to know how the story continues.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days

those storylines are the best, really! OMG! Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days will be out december 2 in the USA, when will it be in Malaysia? it's about what happen while Sora is still asleep, what happen with Roxas. what task did he had to do in organisation XIII. it's like the middle of Kingdom Hearts chains of memories and Kingdom Hearts 2. you see in this game, we get to use the people in organisation XIII, like Axel! OMG! he's so cool! finally we can control him. i really want to play this game! *spoiler: there is 14 member in the organisation, the 14th ember is Xion. she was the reason they got this organisation XIII name. but 14 members? I'm also confused. Hopefully after the game's release, we'll get answer. XD

so the game is like:
Kingdom Hearts 1
Kingdom Hearts reverse/rebirth (it happen to riku) (same time as chains of memories)
Kingdom Hearts chains of memories
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days
Kingdom Hearts 2
Kingdom Hearts 3 (i think) (haven't out yet)
OMG! so complicated, yet so exciting. tell me if got it wrong.

you really have to play it only you know what am i saying. =D

can't wait for kingdom hearts 3. wonder when will it be on store?

Memories are like chains, remember one thing, it will lead to another.

i enjoyed.

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