Tuesday, November 11, 2008

everything has a start and an end to it.
the start might be unfamiliar, it might be frightening but we have to face it, face it to accomplish much more, to make life more meaningful. we have to change the unfamiliar to familiar. after that, there is going to be an end. the ending. it will be heartbroken or happy or any other emotions. we might miss the end or we would want to forget it. everything has a start and an end to it.
just like my primary year, my junior year and now my senior 1 year.

The end of senior 1...
Finally it's holiday! Finally a time to rest my mind.
I think I did it! I spend the last two weeks with every best friend. It was amazing.
even though i might not be seeing my friends for a long time,
i know that everything will be fine.
The last day was basically giving out result and prize.
I went to pavilion have lunch with a few best friends.
I enjoyed myself that day.
I reviewed back in my life this year, how many things have I accomplish.
It's been a fantastic year.
some friends will be leaving, some will not be in senior 2 next year,
but i know everything will turn out well.
we ain't gonna forget all this.
everybody is important to someone.

My primary school canteen day.
-met all my primary friends, some i thought i might never see them.
Some photo.
New skin.

p/s: Good luck to those taking SPM. It's today!!! and to those who graduated. everybody.

everything is going to turn out fine.
chatting with a best friend.

i enjoyed.

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